Efreeti Stole my Baby!

Session 4 of ESMB!

As the Spotted Dick pursues the Galleon, the crew conquered by Genevieve decides to set a trap for the party below deck. They turned the cannons on Jonas and the rest of the party, taking shots as others charged in with cutlasses and axes.

Eventually the party again gained the upper hand, sparing the lives and healing the wounds of as many of the crew as they could. Once they got back above deck, Genevieve plead ignorance to the fracas under deck.

Looking ahead, the party saw that the Galleon had stopped along the shoreline of the river some distance ahead. The crew of the Spotted Dick prepared for battle as the ship closed the distance…

(This brings the events of the story up to date.. for the moment.)

Bar Brawls and Hijackings
Session 3 of ESMB!

In the city of Craigh Na Troon the party comes across a pirate, er, “businessmen” crew. As the party speaks to the shore leave celebrating group, an exasperated Bronwyn wishes for a drink.

Genevieve asks the crewman that had been flirting with her for his flask of alcohol. He gives it over to the Efreeti, who is disguised as a human to avoid drawing attention. She opens the flask and, to grant Bronwyn’s wish, dumps the liquid on the mortal’s head.

Fuming, Bronwyn stomps into the nearest tavern for a proper beverage. Inside, though, she runs into a familiar “businessman” that recognizes her. In fact, he’s from the ship of her own father! The rest of the party joins her in the bar, except for Genevieve.

Bronwyn tries to steer the conversation away from her father but, after the man reveals the name of her father’s ship to the party (the Galleon), she tries to assassinate the one crewman who recognized her before he can give any more sensitive details. Even drunk, the crewman notices her attack and it starts a brawl that engulfs the entire tavern!

To protect herself, Illyria cocoons herself in her magical glass wings. More and more businessmen seem to come out of the woodwork and the party decides to try and escape.

Outside, they find Genevieve who guides them to a docked ship she has “commandeered” called the Spotted Dick. When the party realizes they inadvertently left Illyria behind in the bar, Jonas wishes for the Efreeti to retrieve her. Upon her return to the Spotted Dick, Genevieve spikes the still cocooned Illyria into the deck like a football (I know there’s no such thing as that sport in this world but I really like that description).

The party sees another ship launching. It’s the Galleon! Genevieve forces the overthrown crew of the Spotted Dick to launch and make chase.

Drunken Dragons and Living Fire
Session 2 of ESMB!

When the party reaches the Drunken Dragon Inn they decide to speak to the owner, Mandragoria. She confirms Diomedes’ story that the Efreeti are indeed searching for a missing baby. A woman named Bronwyn la Rue overhears the party talking. Recognizing the name of the Order of Kuan Yin, she assumes the party is rich and decides that she should lighten the load of the party’s horses.

As the conversation continues the party learns that another Efreeti is approaching the Drunken Dragon Inn. Apparently, the demon received information that the missing baby was being transported to their location. Mandragoria tells the party to take the fight outside and away from her bar.

The Efreeti demon, calling herself Genevieve, runs into the party. Demanding to know where the kidnapped child is, she attacks the party. As the fight progresses, Bronwyn takes the opportunity to start rummaging through the party’s saddlebags while they are distracted.

Jonas is forced to make a wish by Genevieve, so he wishes to know “what she wants”. In response, the Efreeti opens a portal big enough to not only swallow the entire party but Bronwyn as well. The strain of the passage through the portal is so great that the entire party falls unconscious.

The party awakens in the Fire Plane of existence and is split into two groups during the transfer. Appelonia, Jonas and Bronwyn wake up with Genevieve, who explains that, in order to fulfill the Paladin’s wish, it required taking them to see the Mullah, the leader of the Efreeti. Jin Vega, Phinegann, Tokki Yo Bunpy and Illyria find themselves in a much less pleasant area of the dimension.

Along the way to the Mullah’s palace, Appelonia’s party encounters Abernathy again, who takes the mortals even being in his own dimension as a personal insult and attacks. This time, the battle ends with Abernathy being rend in half by Jonas the Shepard’s massive sword and a roar of righteous fury. Jonas then takes one of Abernathy’s horns as a trophy.

Appelonia’s party meets with the Mullah, who speaks through his Grand Vizier, Nikojunakalium. The Vizier informs them that Appelonia is indeed NOT the missing Efreeti child. He punishes Genevieve for bringing the mortals into his presence by bonding her to Jonas and orders the party to find the missing child or “Every one of their wishes would be granted.” (A fate that their battles with Abernathy and Genevieve showed would be very, very unpleasant since the Efreeti enjoy twisting the results of their “master’s” wishes.)

And as a shadowy figure watches…

Jin’s party awakens in a room that reminds Phinegann of the prisoner processing room of the prison where he used to serve as a guard. In fact, a situation from his past replays in front of the party.

Phinegann’s orc guard mentor is threatening a newly arrived female half-orc prisoner. History repeats itself when Phinegann, again, tries to stop him. This time, though, the orc guard is more powerful and malicious than before.

The party joins the battle. It is so fierce that Phinegann transforms into his werewolf form and ends up ripping out the guards throat with his own teeth. Once the fight concludes, the young prisoner is replaced by an old, broken version of the same woman. She asks Phinegann why he abandoned her to the corrupt prison. He doesn’t provide an answer that satisfies her.

The figure that watched them awake and fight appears to the woman. He looks like a thin old man wearing a plaid cloak and a long stovepipe hat. Speaking to the prisoner, he offers to restore her former strength and even add upon it.

When the party tries to intervene, the old man tells them that he separated them from the rest of their group to fulfill a purpose and it was now fulfilled. The woman agrees and they disappear form the room. The party left with nothing but an entrance into a network of tunnels.

With no other option, no matter which way they turn, Tokki faces each coming threat fearlessly. Even when they finally encounter a massive demon that was half woman and half snake with six arms. It knocks the barbarian unconscious, practically on the verge of death before this half of the party is retrieved by Genevieve, who was obeying her new “master’s” wish to find them. It then takes the healing skills of Appelonia to save the Bunny Barbarian’s life.

Once the party is reassembled, they are told that the only lead the Efreeti have on the child’s whereabouts is that she was taken by someone calling himself the “Pirate King”. Bronwyn mentions that she received a letter from from her father which was, oddly, signed the “Pirate King”. But she doesn’t know where he is… or does she?

Then the Mullah transports the whole party back to the mortal plane, but not where they came from. He instead deposits them into the “City of Businessmen”, Craigh Na Troon.

Coming Together
Session One of ESMB!

Phinegann arrives in Dianmeyer, summoned to the castle by a promise of work from the Chief Cleric of the Order of Kuan Yin, Harbenigyr. While meeting with Harbenigyr and his wife, Josie, an alarm from the castle’s artifact vault goes off.

Phinegann joins the clerics as they rush to the vault where they are met by a Paladin who had been staying with the clerics by the name of Jonas the Shepard, as well as the daughter of the Chief Cleric, Appelonia. When they enter into the vault they find a gnome wizard by the name of Illyria, who is admiring some of the items lining the shelves.

She denies setting off the alarms. Illyria explains that, because of her smaller size, she was able to squeeze through a little window that was used for ventilation. It didn’t have an enchantment to alarm of intruders that didn’t bear ill will against other life forms.

The party discovers another Kuan Yin cleric, calling himself Abernathy, skulking around in the vault. Knowing every cleric in the castle, Harbenigyr immediately recognized him as a fraud and the intruder attacks.

Abernathy transforms into his true form, an Efreeti demon and blows out the side of the castle to move the fight outside. During the fracas, the party runs into a Jin Vega, a monk, that was hiding among the trees and plants. He joins the fight on the side of the party, as does a passing Bunny barbarian from the Yo Bunpy tribe called Tokki.

The Efreeti uses his abilities to force members of the party to make wishes and then he twists the results to work in his favor. For example, Abernathy made Illyria wish to know more about the glass orbs housed in the vault and the Efreeti made one bond to the gnome, making her lose control of herself and her abilities.

The party defeats Abernathy, who creates a portal and slips through before the party can deal the finishing blow. Once the smoke clears, Harbenigyr gathers the party back into the castle’s meeting hall.

There we learn that Samson and Organa, other clerics in the Order had been secretly caring for Jin Vega. The monk didn’t want to cause a fuss for the Order, explaining that his sect of monks are searching for him. He assures the party that he was falsely accused.

That was when an odd woman dressed in a maroon strait jacket suddenly appeared in the hall. Calling herself Diomedes, she explains that the Efreeti are searching for their missing child, that just happens to bare a resemblance to the young cleric/ranger, Appelonia.

If the demons are searching for a baby, how could a woman, even as young as Appelonia, be who they are looking for? Diomedes only says that time works differently between the dimensions.

Harbenigyr and Josie hire the entire party, consisting of Jonas the Shepard, Phinegann, Tokki Yo Bunpy, Jin Vega and Illyria to accompany Appelonia on the opening legs of her pilgrimage, just for as long as the Efreeti may be considered a threat to their daughter.

The party decides that they need to find more information about what is happening. That makes their next destination clear. There’s only one place that hears rumors about events in this and other dimensions… The Drunken Dragon Inn.

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