Efreeti Stole my Baby!

Bar Brawls and Hijackings

Session 3 of ESMB!

In the city of Craigh Na Troon the party comes across a pirate, er, “businessmen” crew. As the party speaks to the shore leave celebrating group, an exasperated Bronwyn wishes for a drink.

Genevieve asks the crewman that had been flirting with her for his flask of alcohol. He gives it over to the Efreeti, who is disguised as a human to avoid drawing attention. She opens the flask and, to grant Bronwyn’s wish, dumps the liquid on the mortal’s head.

Fuming, Bronwyn stomps into the nearest tavern for a proper beverage. Inside, though, she runs into a familiar “businessman” that recognizes her. In fact, he’s from the ship of her own father! The rest of the party joins her in the bar, except for Genevieve.

Bronwyn tries to steer the conversation away from her father but, after the man reveals the name of her father’s ship to the party (the Galleon), she tries to assassinate the one crewman who recognized her before he can give any more sensitive details. Even drunk, the crewman notices her attack and it starts a brawl that engulfs the entire tavern!

To protect herself, Illyria cocoons herself in her magical glass wings. More and more businessmen seem to come out of the woodwork and the party decides to try and escape.

Outside, they find Genevieve who guides them to a docked ship she has “commandeered” called the Spotted Dick. When the party realizes they inadvertently left Illyria behind in the bar, Jonas wishes for the Efreeti to retrieve her. Upon her return to the Spotted Dick, Genevieve spikes the still cocooned Illyria into the deck like a football (I know there’s no such thing as that sport in this world but I really like that description).

The party sees another ship launching. It’s the Galleon! Genevieve forces the overthrown crew of the Spotted Dick to launch and make chase.



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