Efreeti Stole my Baby!

Coming Together

Session One of ESMB!

Phinegann arrives in Dianmeyer, summoned to the castle by a promise of work from the Chief Cleric of the Order of Kuan Yin, Harbenigyr. While meeting with Harbenigyr and his wife, Josie, an alarm from the castle’s artifact vault goes off.

Phinegann joins the clerics as they rush to the vault where they are met by a Paladin who had been staying with the clerics by the name of Jonas the Shepard, as well as the daughter of the Chief Cleric, Appelonia. When they enter into the vault they find a gnome wizard by the name of Illyria, who is admiring some of the items lining the shelves.

She denies setting off the alarms. Illyria explains that, because of her smaller size, she was able to squeeze through a little window that was used for ventilation. It didn’t have an enchantment to alarm of intruders that didn’t bear ill will against other life forms.

The party discovers another Kuan Yin cleric, calling himself Abernathy, skulking around in the vault. Knowing every cleric in the castle, Harbenigyr immediately recognized him as a fraud and the intruder attacks.

Abernathy transforms into his true form, an Efreeti demon and blows out the side of the castle to move the fight outside. During the fracas, the party runs into a Jin Vega, a monk, that was hiding among the trees and plants. He joins the fight on the side of the party, as does a passing Bunny barbarian from the Yo Bunpy tribe called Tokki.

The Efreeti uses his abilities to force members of the party to make wishes and then he twists the results to work in his favor. For example, Abernathy made Illyria wish to know more about the glass orbs housed in the vault and the Efreeti made one bond to the gnome, making her lose control of herself and her abilities.

The party defeats Abernathy, who creates a portal and slips through before the party can deal the finishing blow. Once the smoke clears, Harbenigyr gathers the party back into the castle’s meeting hall.

There we learn that Samson and Organa, other clerics in the Order had been secretly caring for Jin Vega. The monk didn’t want to cause a fuss for the Order, explaining that his sect of monks are searching for him. He assures the party that he was falsely accused.

That was when an odd woman dressed in a maroon strait jacket suddenly appeared in the hall. Calling herself Diomedes, she explains that the Efreeti are searching for their missing child, that just happens to bare a resemblance to the young cleric/ranger, Appelonia.

If the demons are searching for a baby, how could a woman, even as young as Appelonia, be who they are looking for? Diomedes only says that time works differently between the dimensions.

Harbenigyr and Josie hire the entire party, consisting of Jonas the Shepard, Phinegann, Tokki Yo Bunpy, Jin Vega and Illyria to accompany Appelonia on the opening legs of her pilgrimage, just for as long as the Efreeti may be considered a threat to their daughter.

The party decides that they need to find more information about what is happening. That makes their next destination clear. There’s only one place that hears rumors about events in this and other dimensions… The Drunken Dragon Inn.



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