Efreeti Stole my Baby!

Drunken Dragons and Living Fire

Session 2 of ESMB!

When the party reaches the Drunken Dragon Inn they decide to speak to the owner, Mandragoria. She confirms Diomedes’ story that the Efreeti are indeed searching for a missing baby. A woman named Bronwyn la Rue overhears the party talking. Recognizing the name of the Order of Kuan Yin, she assumes the party is rich and decides that she should lighten the load of the party’s horses.

As the conversation continues the party learns that another Efreeti is approaching the Drunken Dragon Inn. Apparently, the demon received information that the missing baby was being transported to their location. Mandragoria tells the party to take the fight outside and away from her bar.

The Efreeti demon, calling herself Genevieve, runs into the party. Demanding to know where the kidnapped child is, she attacks the party. As the fight progresses, Bronwyn takes the opportunity to start rummaging through the party’s saddlebags while they are distracted.

Jonas is forced to make a wish by Genevieve, so he wishes to know “what she wants”. In response, the Efreeti opens a portal big enough to not only swallow the entire party but Bronwyn as well. The strain of the passage through the portal is so great that the entire party falls unconscious.

The party awakens in the Fire Plane of existence and is split into two groups during the transfer. Appelonia, Jonas and Bronwyn wake up with Genevieve, who explains that, in order to fulfill the Paladin’s wish, it required taking them to see the Mullah, the leader of the Efreeti. Jin Vega, Phinegann, Tokki Yo Bunpy and Illyria find themselves in a much less pleasant area of the dimension.

Along the way to the Mullah’s palace, Appelonia’s party encounters Abernathy again, who takes the mortals even being in his own dimension as a personal insult and attacks. This time, the battle ends with Abernathy being rend in half by Jonas the Shepard’s massive sword and a roar of righteous fury. Jonas then takes one of Abernathy’s horns as a trophy.

Appelonia’s party meets with the Mullah, who speaks through his Grand Vizier, Nikojunakalium. The Vizier informs them that Appelonia is indeed NOT the missing Efreeti child. He punishes Genevieve for bringing the mortals into his presence by bonding her to Jonas and orders the party to find the missing child or “Every one of their wishes would be granted.” (A fate that their battles with Abernathy and Genevieve showed would be very, very unpleasant since the Efreeti enjoy twisting the results of their “master’s” wishes.)

And as a shadowy figure watches…

Jin’s party awakens in a room that reminds Phinegann of the prisoner processing room of the prison where he used to serve as a guard. In fact, a situation from his past replays in front of the party.

Phinegann’s orc guard mentor is threatening a newly arrived female half-orc prisoner. History repeats itself when Phinegann, again, tries to stop him. This time, though, the orc guard is more powerful and malicious than before.

The party joins the battle. It is so fierce that Phinegann transforms into his werewolf form and ends up ripping out the guards throat with his own teeth. Once the fight concludes, the young prisoner is replaced by an old, broken version of the same woman. She asks Phinegann why he abandoned her to the corrupt prison. He doesn’t provide an answer that satisfies her.

The figure that watched them awake and fight appears to the woman. He looks like a thin old man wearing a plaid cloak and a long stovepipe hat. Speaking to the prisoner, he offers to restore her former strength and even add upon it.

When the party tries to intervene, the old man tells them that he separated them from the rest of their group to fulfill a purpose and it was now fulfilled. The woman agrees and they disappear form the room. The party left with nothing but an entrance into a network of tunnels.

With no other option, no matter which way they turn, Tokki faces each coming threat fearlessly. Even when they finally encounter a massive demon that was half woman and half snake with six arms. It knocks the barbarian unconscious, practically on the verge of death before this half of the party is retrieved by Genevieve, who was obeying her new “master’s” wish to find them. It then takes the healing skills of Appelonia to save the Bunny Barbarian’s life.

Once the party is reassembled, they are told that the only lead the Efreeti have on the child’s whereabouts is that she was taken by someone calling himself the “Pirate King”. Bronwyn mentions that she received a letter from from her father which was, oddly, signed the “Pirate King”. But she doesn’t know where he is… or does she?

Then the Mullah transports the whole party back to the mortal plane, but not where they came from. He instead deposits them into the “City of Businessmen”, Craigh Na Troon.



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