The young clerical ranger (or rangerial cleric) is the daughter of the elf cleric Harbenigyr and half-elf ranger Josie Silverwind. She was raised in Dianmeyer, the castle in the Vale that the Order of Kuan Yin calls home on this continent. While her father is the Chief Cleric, Apple’s (her family’s pet name for her) mother, who never joined the Order, felt it was important that she experience life outside of the clergy so that her daughter could make an informed choice on what she wanted to do with her life.

Appelonia’s travels started simple enough. She would accompany Josie to an almost legendary bar/tavern called the Drunken Dragon Inn owned by an almost equally legendary adventurer by the name of Mandragoria. It was there that Apple was regaled with tales of drinking games with dragons and divine intervention in the rescue of others. This only fueled the girl’s thirst for adventure.

It was also Appelonia’s first taste of danger. Her mother trained her in the art of the bow and arrow as well fighting but she always kept her daughter out of actual combat. Until the day there were too many brigands for Josie to take before they could get to Appelonia.

Dagger in hand, Appelonia had seen the kind of damage the weapon could do and, as the brigand approached her, she froze. Apple ended up with a broken arm and several cracked ribs before she was rescued by her mother.

After she recovered, Appelonia formally joined the ranks of the Order of Kuan Yin. Her father, a veteran adventurer himself, trained his daughter to defend herself using blunt weapons like the mace and stave, although she found her preference leaned toward what were called “escrima sticks”. Now she could fight without drawing blood.

But Apple didn’t abandon the ranger skills taught by her mother like the bow and arrow. She simply adapted them to keep within the standards of the Order. In the case of arrows, she modified them by creating special “caps” that were placed over the razor sharp heads to dull them without compromising their aerodynamics too severely.

She even proved their effectiveness as she continued to travel with her mother in the lands surrounding the Vale. Being the daughter of the Chief Cleric did have its privileges.

Once she came of age to start her pilgrimage, Josie and Harbenigyr gave their daughter a most unusual present. It was a specially designed bow that could be collapsed into a pair of jade escrima sticks and easily reassembled back into the bow.

It was time for her to travel beyond the lands of the Vale and spread the message of her goddess, Kuan Yin, to those who’ve not heard it yet. But, two days before she was to leave, an alarm rose from the artifact vault… leading to the events of Efreeti Stole my Baby!


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