Harbenigyr is an elf born in the village of Trido in the Jaded Woods. The village was attacked while he was still a newborn and his parents hid him in a cupboard to protect him from the invaders. Every building was ransacked, the village burned and every resident killed including the baby’s family.

It was only thanks to a group of dwarfs that wandered into the rubble shortly after that baby Harbenigyr survived. They were clerics of the Order of Kuan Yin. They decided to take the child back to their homeland in the Moonshae Isles where he was raised and eventually joined the Order himself.

Once he came of age to go on the pilgrimage that was his Order’s tradition, Harbenigyr sailed to the mainland and almost immediately found trouble when a lynch mob was trying to kill a man named Raiko who was accused of murder without a trial. The young cleric talked the people into sparing Raiko’s life until the law could rule on his fate.

To keep the sword fighter from escaping, they locked him and Harbenigyr into a set of enchanted bracers that made it so that if either man went more than 50 feet away from the other, their life would be sapped from their bodies and they would die.

That didn’t keep Raiko from accepting foolish bets. One in particular forced him, and therefore Harbenigyr, to find an old wizard school called Nauterhaus and retrieve a special item from the ruins… this leads into the events of the campaign To Nauterhaus.

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During the events of Drow Army Attacks!, Harbenigyr marries Josie Silverwind.

After Harbenigyr becomes the Chief Cleric of the Order of Kuan Yin, Josie gives birth to their daughter, Appelonia.


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