Grand Vizier


No mortal is worthy of hearing the voice of the leader of the Efreeti peoples, the Mullah. So, instead, the party hears his words through the Mullah’s Grand Vizier, Nikojunakalium.

Acting in his master’s stead, but under the Mullah’s watchful eye, Nikojunakalium determines that Genevieve was mislead and Appelonia was not the missing Efreeti child. To motivate her to remedy this error, the Vizier bonds her to Jonas the Shepard and forces the party to take up the quest to find the missing baby or else “All their wishes will be granted”. (A fate, the party learned was not actually a good thing.)

He then sends the party back to the Material Plane of existence, albeit in a completely different location they left from.


Efreeti Stole my Baby! sjcloudxiii