Tag: efreeti


  • Abernathy

    The first Efreeti the party encounters, Abernathy broke into the artifact vault in Dianmeyer, the home of the Order of Kuan Yin. Initially, he's disguised as a cleric in the Order but his ruse is quickly uncovered. He claims to be searching for a …

  • Genevieve

    This Efreeti runs into the party in the area around the Drunken Dragon Inn, north of Dianmeyer. Acting under the information that Appelonia was somehow the missing Efreeti child, Geenvieve transports the entire party to the Fire Plane of existence in …

  • Nikojunakalium

    No mortal is worthy of hearing the voice of the leader of the Efreeti peoples, the Mullah. So, instead, the party hears his words through the Mullah's Grand Vizier, Nikojunakalium. Acting in his master's stead, but under the Mullah's watchful eye, …

  • Junaperqulanijuna

    The master of all Efreeti demons, he seeks the missing newborn of his line. Since all full blooded Efreeti are a part of him, having one missing makes him incomplete.